Wedding Magician – Close Up and Table Magician for Hire

Weddings are one of the most important events in anyone’s life. People spend a lifetime dreaming of the perfect wedding, with some even employing only the best performers to grace the life-changing occasion. Wedding singers can serenade you and your guests with romantic songs and tales of undying love and commitment through melodies. However, only a wedding magician can bring you a form of entertainment that will have all of your guests breathless after the event.


The Wedding Magician

Weddings are unusually lengthy celebrations often involving a variety of ceremonies that, unfortunately, not everyone is entitled to actively participate in. For example, during the photo sessions where the newlyweds will be posing with their close family members for those once-in-a-lifetime wedding pictures, not everyone will be joining the photo-op. Many will be left in their seats as casual observers, sometimes as reluctant witnesses to the joys expressed by the newlywed and their respective families. A wedding magician can perform a variety of tricks to get these guests’ focus off of the photo-op session, be entertained, and be transported back to the joys of childhood magical memories.

A professional magician for weddings can employ two fundamental techniques to get wedding guests fully engaged in the event. These can include performing close up magic and table magic.


Close Up Magic

More and more magicians are abandoning the stage in favor of being up close and personal with their adoring fans. While celebrity magicians bask in the limelight performing various tricks in city streets, squares, parks, and even malls, wedding magicians, on the other hand, keep wedding guests fully entertained by providing them with magic. Since the distance between the magician and the audience is relatively close, it becomes all the more challenging for the magician to perform spectacularly. On the other hand, because magic is performed up close, spectators are able to experience magic unfold right before their very eyes that even skeptics will begin warming up to the idea that magic is real.

Close up magic is one of the best methods of keeping wedding guests entertained. This is especially true if the newlyweds are busy with other things. Rather than staying in a corner and becoming a mere passive spectator to the joys of the event, guests can actively partake in the magical experience. They can interact with the magician in every conceivable way.

Doing close up magic is best performed during evening celebrations where almost everyone will be congregating with acquaintances, standing in certain sections of the floor. While a good chat with fellow guests is always welcome, this can still be spiced up some more with the addition of a close up magician who can work wonders in engaging everyone in a small group. However, it is crucial that the background music is not so glaringly loud that it drowns the instructions given by the magician or even the questions raised by guests. The whole point is to have everyone in a small group interacting with one another with the magician facilitating a point of conversation.


Table Magic

As the name implies table magic is all about performing sleight of hand tricks from table to table. This can be a great form of entertainment during a wedding breakfast. The point is for the magician to perform a variety of magic tricks on one table of guests keeping them preoccupied and fully entertained.

The beauty of table magic in wedding events is that the tricks can be customized or tailor fitted to the general characteristics of a particular group of wedding guests seated on the same table. A professional magician can conjure tricks that are specific to the group and have everyone laughing out loud over magical antics. It can also be a spectacular way to break the ice especially in a table of guests who may not really be that acquainted with one another. It is thus, the magician’s job to keep everyone interacting.

Magicians are a great way to add color to one’s wedding celebrations. They create an atmosphere where everyone is content and happy. And while the newlyweds are on their way to spending a lifetime together, wedding guests will be left with very fond and magical memories of the celebration.